Value Alternative Life Styles Clothing is an up and coming LGBT clothing brand based out of Rancho Cucamonga, California. Our company philosophy is, "be who you were born to be". VALS is a step in a new direction of self-expression for our community, offering our young community new age apparel.

Individualization has helped the LGBT community grow, and VALS will continue to emphasize that. We are bringing a more artistic approach to expressing our LGBT identity. Rainbows were our first big step in self-expression and we will never knock that, however, its a new time. Our community is all about expressing their lifestyle and individuality. We are completely on board. We created a new movement of apparel that applies to every part of LGBT community and its supporters. As a society we are making huge accomplishments in recognizing the LGBT community. We need to continue cultivating this change and growth as a community and VALS hopes to pioneer that change.